Lessons of a Lifetime


92% said DVDs improved their game

77% rated DVDs excellent

77% said DVDs were best instructional ever

Selected Survey Comments

"Excellent video.... I've watched it over 6 times and always pick-up something new and useful."

Mike S. (handicap group - 10 to 19)

"I have never had better instruction in all my years of playing this game.  Thank you very much."

Virgil W. (handicap group - 9 and below)

"I am a novice golfer and find Tom Watson's lessons extremely helpful.  Thank you."

B.H. (handicap group - 30 & over)

"Enjoyable. Practical. Excellent 'pearls' of teaching;  I have watched it multiple times and continue to learn with each review."

Anonymous (handicap group - 20 to 29)

'This was the best instruction I have ever seen on DVD.  The complete breakdown of all aspects of the game was excellent."

Anonymous (handicap group - 10 to 19)

"I watched Tom's Lessons of a Lifetime, then took some lessons.  I went back to Tom's program which really helped put things together."

Mike Z. (handicap group - 10 to 19)

"One of the best instruction videos I have seen.  Understandable and Tom communicates his ideas in an easy to understand format."

Gus N. (handicap group - 9 & below)