Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime II

Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime II

Instructional Golf DVD Programs

Released April 2014


Chapter Titles

1. Definition of Terms
2. The Grip
3. Grip Pressure
4. The Setup
5. Aim & Alignment
6. Two Methods of Aiming
7. Ball Position
8. "The Secret"
9. Find Your Waggle
10. The Takeaway
11. The Back Swing
12. The Back Swing, A Closer Look
13. Transition & Down Swing
14. Impact
15. Follow Through to Finish
16. Rhythm
17. The Hook
18. The Slice
19. Low (or Punch) Shot
20. High Shot
21. Uneven Lies
22. Adding Distance
23. Recreating "The Shot"
24. Basic Chip Shot
25. Spot Method Drill
26. More About Chipping
27. The High/Soft Lob
28. Chipping Out of Heavy Rough
29. Chipping: Uneven Lies
30. The Basic Bunker Shot
31. Bunker Play: Buried Lie
32. Uphill Bunker Shot
33. Downhill Bunker Shot
34. Long Bunker Shot
35. Fairway Bunker Shot
36. Playing With Hybrids
37. Full Swing in Review
38. Putting
39. Putting Drill
40. How to Putt Under Pressure
41. Playing in the Wind: Putting
42. Playing in the Wind: Full Shots
43. How Can I Stop Slicing the Ball?
44. How Can I Stop Hooking the Ball?
45. Bruce Edwards Tribute
46. Behind the Scenes

Part 1: Advanced Lessons to Lower Your Score

47. “The Secret” #2: Keeping the Hip “Crease” at Impact 48 Pre-Shot Routine
49. Bottom of the Arc
50. Head Movement
51. More on Grip Pressure
52. Practice Tee
53. First Tee
54. Handling Pressure

Part 2: More on Chipping and Putting

55. 40 Yard Wedge
56. Controlling Trajectory
57. Chipping with a Putting Grip Setup
58. Chipping with a Hybrid
59. Fundamentals of Putting
60. Speed Control
61. Spot Putting 2
62. Center of Hole
63. Missing on the Low Side
64. Walk the Line
65. Head Position
66. More Putting Drills

Part 3: Teaching Young And Old

67. Teaching Kids
68. Tip from Tiger’s Dad
69. Teaching Seniors


In 2010 TomWatson launched his first instructional DVD program, Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime. It has become one of the best selling golf instruction programs of all time having sold in over 40 countries in 5 languages. Now you can benefit from that instruction plus over 20 new 2014 lessons.

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A portion of the proceeds from all sales will be contributed to the Bruce Edwards Foundation for ALS Research.

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